The Story


Renovations started in April 1999 and the Ballroom opened for business on Nov. 20, 1999. Research on the building revealed that in 1885 it was a one-story wooden structure half the size of the current space. However, by 1888 the structure had become a two story all brick building, housing two businesses at 11 & 13 South Main. McLellans occupied one side of the building from 1927 mid-1940’s, then expanded to the other half of the building in the mid-1940’s and closed in the early 1970’s. Between 1972 & 1999 the building housed a waterbed store, and the owner had some antique items and some general stuff for sale as well. 


Through the years a variety of businesses have occupied the building. Including a General Mercantile, a Fair & Racket Store, Perry Brothers, Shoe Stores, Pharmacy, a Tin Shop in the back in 1905 and that is just the downstairs. Upstairs there have been offices of Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Photographers, even one of the Mayors of Temple, & more.

In 2010 Karen's Mother made the decision to move to Temple & she purchased both buildings 15 & 17 South Main - next door to the Ballroom. Renovations started & the downstairs space of the first building became the Dance Studio. A whole lot less space to cool...! Upstairs was to be My Mother's Loft Apartment. Unfortunately, she passed away in Dec. 2010 & did not get to see (in person) the completed project upstairs, which is now a wonderful storage space for all of Mother's things (still sorting through family & history) and is great for all the Decorations for Halloween, Christmas & Theme Parties used in the Ballroom. The Ballroom received a good facelift also from this unfortunate loss of My Mother. Adding a bright colorful new face & the Veranda. 


The upstairs is my living space, finally got out of the One Room Living area (500 Sq Ft. 1999-2012) & completed the living areas & other rooms, afforded only from the unfortunate passing of My Mother......upstairs is very relaxing & spacious. Put on a little music & get away from the real world......!! Music On.....World Off.....!