Group Lessons

In The Mood Ballroom offers Group Dance Lessons ranging from beginners to advanced instruction. Some Classes meet one hour each week for four weeks, these may focus on one dance or they may be a Sampler class in Ballroom & Country Western Basics.

There are also One Night Classes that are 2 hour sessions. These may be one dance or a couple of dances that are in the same category of dance or use similar technique.

$36.00 pp 1- 4 week classes      $18.00 pp  One Night 2 Hour Classes

                 Classes with Kristy & arson Watson as offered

$42pp 1-4 wk class $7pp2 2-4 wk classes $102pp 3-4 wk classes

Group Classes are a great way to learn the basics that make up dancing. So much more than just is about leading & following & musicality. After you are comfortable with basics then join the intermediate to advanced classes. Group classes are also a fun way to meet new people and become part of the dance community.  

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available on an appointment basis.

Rates are $70 per lesson whether an individual or a couple. The one-on-one personal instruction is perfect for beginners that are a bit anxious about starting in a group class setting. Private lessons are also a great way to polish up on dance steps learned in group classes. And for those with tough work schedules, lots of travel time or just because you are more comfortable in a private setting - private lessons work for many people for different reasons. Private Lesson Rates with Kristy or Carson Watson are $85 per lesson.

Contact Karen at (254) 773-7088 or (254) 760-7320 to schedule your appointment and start Dancing....!

Wedding Dances

Make your Wedding Day Super Special - bring us your song & we can get you ready for the Big Day....!

As one bride said to me "we are not doing the prom dance"...! LOL ....!

Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son. 

Wedding Package 5 Private Lessons for $275.